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  • KUNDENSERVICE: 040 69453036
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Oregon Deer 2 18/19 - schwarz/orange - 37,5

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The Oregon DEER2 field hockey stick is dedicated to talented players opting for lowbow sticks in order to make perfect flicks. This stick, which already attracted many top players, was especially made for drag flickers.

The black and silver field hockey stick Oregon DEER2 offers a lowbow, with a special channel particularly made for flicks. This stick has already proven its worth in the past, thanks to its maneuverability. 3D skills won’t be a secret to you anymore as you’ll be in perfect harmony with your stick.

Extremely rigid thanks to its 70% carbon, 5% Kevlar and 5% flax fiber composition, it is made for experienced players.

This particular bow owns its success to amazing skills, perfect ball control and extreme power.

Designed for drag flickers, with a special channel for the most controlled flicks, the stick gathers balance and perfect weight for maximum ball control. Its effectiveness has already been proved by many professional players.